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NigerianAmerican Business is an online magazine that showcases business opportunities between Nigeria and the United States.

According to the U.S. State Department, Nigeria and the United States' two-way trade volume in 2011 was $34B, a 51% increase over that in 2010. Nigeria is the United States’ largest trading partner in Sub-Sahara Africa.

U.S. popular exports to Nigeria are wheat and rice, motor vehicles, petroleum products, and machinery totaling $4B. U.S. import from Nigeria total more than $30B, largely of crude oil. Other U.S. imports from Nigeria are cocoa, bauxite, tobacco, aluminum, waxes, rubber and grains.

NigerianAmerican Business offers key information on trends in technology, healthcare, oil and gas, franchising, aviation, showbiz , automobile, and other major service and industrial sectors in the United States while providing a successful networking and marketing platform for Nigerian-owned businesses across America and at home.

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